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Tefal is a French cookware and small appliance manufacturer owned by Groupe SEB (the world's largest manufacturer of cookware). Its name is a portmanteau of the words TEFlon and ALuminium. The company is known for creating the non-stick cookware category[1] and for offering frying equipment with a low requirement of fat or oils.[2]

In some countries like the United States, Tefal is also marketed as T-Fal.

Tefal also manufactures linen care products such as Steam Irons[3] and Garment Steamers.

In 2015, Tefal released the Tefal Cuisine Companion,[4] a machine that provides users with multiple cooking functions in one kitchen appliance.

In the UK, it is the owner of the Swan cookware brand. The brand is currently used under licence.[citation needed]

Following its ideology to expand its global customer base it entered the Indian market in May 2014,[5] by acquiring one the largest consumer household brand of India Maharaja Whiteline.[6] [7]